Call for paper of the XXVIII Conference of the Italian National Institute of Urban Planning – INU

Conference on “Cities as an engine of  development of a country”

in Salerno, Italy, from the 24th to the 26th of October 2013


Deadline for contributions September 25th, 2013!!!

Click here for Call for paper!!!


The main topic which is divided into three themes:

  1. Urban regeneration as resilience: social, economic and environmental aspects; landscape
  2. What form of plan and the new tasks of planning
  3. The resources for the government of the territory: order cheap medications public city, cultural heritage, public space, social housing, housing retrofitting, urban welfare

Contributions – following this format – should be sent no later than September 15th, 2013 at:


All accepted papers will be published on Urbanistica Informazioni Online journal (with ISSN). A selection of papers will be published on Urbanistica journal (with ISSN).


For further information, please visit the website or send an e-mail  to

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