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Program Call: “Actors of Urban Change”

Deadline of application: 13th September 2015
Apply online here.

“Actors of Urban Change” is a Europe-wide program by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with MitOst e.V. It aims to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities. This is carried out by strengthening the competencies for cross-sector collaboration among actors from the cultural sphere, the administration, and the private sector who form teams of three committed to implementing a project in their city. Using culture as a tool and context, the projects might address a broad range of social, political and environmental challenges related to urban change.

Head of Department -Project Developer – Urban Design & Planning -NTNU

The faculty has a strong ambition to develop urban research and education for sustainable cities and communities that can contribute to a low carbon society. We are looking for a Head of Department of Urban Design and Planning willing to take the lead in this strategic field. This is a full time 4 years position.

CuriousU, The Summer School Festival

Enschede, The Netherlands: 11-16th August, 2015

Deadline for Registration: 1st July
Please send contact details for registration to the course leader here.

Special Issue in Raumforschung und Raumordnung:                                         “Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning. International Perspectives”

Raumforschung und Raumordnung is the leading German journal in the field of spatial planning and territorial development. Six issues per year are published, the publisher is Springer. The Journal accepts contributions in English.

Call for Papers now open!

Deadline for submission: 15th June
Notification of acceptance: 25th June
Deadline for submission of full paper: Autumn 2015
Publication of the Special Issue: Summer 2016

3rd ISA Forum of Sociology: “The Futures We Want: Global sociology and the Struggle for a Better World“

Vienna, Austria: 10-14 July, 2016

Deadline for the abstract submission: September 30th 2015.

Call for Abstract is now open.

Further information from Research Committee 19 on Sociology, Social Welfare and Social Policy also available here.

7th Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference

Torino, Italy: 8-9th October, 2015

Deadline for the abstract submission: 15th May
Notification of acceptance: 15th June
Deadline for submission of full paper: 20th September

Call for Abstract is now open.

Green Summit 2015


Vaduz, Liechtenstein: 9-10 June, 2015

Registration is now open.

Dortmund Conference on Spatial Planning Research: Spatial Patterns – Structure, Dynamics, Planning

Dortmund, Germany: 22-23 February, 2016

Informational flyers available in Deutsch and English.

Call for Papers is now open.

Science Tour 2016: City of the Future – Research for Sustainable Urban Development

Germany: 31 January – 6 February 2016
Deadline for Applications: 25th September 2015

On the occasion of the Year of Science 2016 “City of the Future”, launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) invites international scientists to learn more about research activities in the area of urban transition, mobility and logistics at German universities and research institutes. The Science Tour offers German and international researchers the opportunity to discuss current developments with regard to future urban development and to define common areas of interest as starting points for future cooperation.

The Science Tour 2016 is part of the “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas” campaign, initiated by the BMBF in 2006 to strengthen and expand R&D collaboration between Germany and international partners.

Application details here.



Green and Blue Infrastructures, Virtual, Cultural and Social Networks
Naples, Italy: 18-19 December 2015
Call for Abstracts Deadline: 20 September 2015

The 9° Study Day of INU- Italian National Institute of Urban Planning ?will be mainly devoted to the ?Green and Blue Infrastructures, Virtual, Cultural and Social Networks?.
As regards, the 9° Study Day of INU represents an important occasion in order to synthetize the current state of art, whose organization is articulated in 10 main tracks, each with a coordinator and a discussant, expert of the specific topic.

3rd COST Action “LocRef” PhD-Training School: “Innovation in Local Government

Spetses, Greece: 13-17 September, 2015

Call for Applications is now available.

Twin Cities in Past and Present

Manchester, UK: 25-27 June, 2015

SBE16 Hamburg: Strategies – Stakeholders – Success factors

Hamburg, Germany: 8-11 March, 2016

Deadline: 30 May 2015.

4th Nextstation Congress

Marrakech, Morocco: 21-22 October, 2015

Deadline: 31 March 2015.

Other versions: French/Francais & Espagnol/Spanish

Planning, Law and Property Rights Conference

Volos, Greece: 25-27 February 2015

Deadline: 7 November 2014.

Summit: Pioneers of Change

Brussels: 5-7 May, 2015

Deadline: 31 October, 2014.

POLYCENTRIC CITY REGION IN TRANSFORMATION: The Ruhr Agglomeration in International Perspective

Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Ruhr, Germany: 11-13 June, 2015

Call for papers deadline: 28 February 2015.

The CEU Summer University Cours

e:THE CITY UPLOADED: Urban Intersections of Film and New Media

Budapest, Hungary: 6-11 July, 2015

Application deadline: 14 February, 2015.

The 9th ECPR General Conference:Twenty Fi

ve Years of Reforming Local Government in a Comparative Perspective: Unity in Diversity?

Montreal, Canada: 26-29 August 2015

Panel and Paper Proposal deadline: 16 February, 2015.

International Conference on Changing Cities 2: Spatial, Design, Landscape & Socio-economic Dimension

Porto Heli, Peloponnese, Greece: 22-26 June 2014

Comparing Apples to Oranges: Colloquium on International Comparative Urban Research

Stuttgart: 15-16 January, 2015

No fees required for participation, but registration is necessary before 15 December 2014.

Sponsored by Staedtebau-Institut Universitaet Stuttgart (SI) and Institut fuer Landes und Stadtentwicklung (ILS)

Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia

The Institute is currently conducting two projects: Communal price comparison between Zagreb and larger cities in Central and South East Europe (COMPRICOM) and Revitalization and energy efficient renovation of Down Town of the City of Zagreb. Results of which will be available at the end 2014

Additionally, the Institute is proud to have organized the international scientific conference: Contemporary Trends and Prospects of Economic Recovery which was held on 10th October 2014 in Nice, at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Institut Supérieur d’Économie et de Management (ISEM).

Department of Philosophy, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Russia

In a piece entitled What Can Be Learned from Russia’s Experience: Grassroots Authoritarianism and Grassroots Democracy in Specialized Cities, Mark Kleyman discusses the need to research best practices of neighbourhood-based grassroots democracy in former mono-industrial cities of post-socialist countries. To read more click here.

Turas LogoSchool of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin, Ireland

Researchers from UCD have contributed to the European Urban Project Transition toward Urban Resilience and Sustainability (TURAS). For details on this journey to resilience, click here.