PhD Programme in Urban Planning, Design and Policy at Politecnico di Milano

Call for Applications now open

Milano, Italy: 21st May 2019

The PhD Programme in Urban Planning, Design and Policy at Politecnico di Milano is granting 7 full scholarships [and 2 additional positions] for the coming year.

The PhD programme welcomes both foreign and Italian candidates. English is the official language of the programme.

The 2019 call for applications is available here.

The PhD programme focuses on urban, social, economic and institutional transformations in contemporary cities and it aims at fostering innovative and interdisciplinary research.

Applicants are required to submit a research proposal with regard to topics of their interest. Proposals covering the following topics are encouraged:

    • Multiple institutional levels and land-use issues: the case of infrastructure.
    • Preventing fragility where it could arise: the school squares.
    • Planning in the face of financialisation.
    • After implementation: a retrospective research on policies and their effects.
    • Architects, Engineers, Planners: how do the changing urban conditions require to re-design research and professional profiles?
    • Spatial mobilities in contemporary cities: practices, politics, projects. Understanding and managing the deep interwining of urban mobility and socio-spatial transformations.
    • Urban Form Resilience. Exploring the link between the spatial configurationof places and their ability to adapt and support societal and environmental changes.
    • New structures of spatial and socio-economic inequalities, local welfare policies and labour market: social justice, social cohesion, redistribution, social investment, sustainability, transformations in the labour market and space implications.
    • Ageing in different urban contexts, between autonomy and support: issues in housing, care, mobility and social relations.
    • Beyond city-ism and metropolitan-ism: new spatial imaginaries, emerging forms of agencies and the necessity of interrelated and transcalar approaches to governance problems in large urban regions.
    • Changes in migrations and the cities: policies, practices, places of hospitality, integration, inclusion.

Applicants may also apply to five thematic scholarships, designed for students who wish to conduct research in specific subfields of urban studies:

  1. Assessing and mitigating damage due to natural hazards and climate change to support land use and urban planning
  2. The effects of cohesion policy on the socio-economic territorial fragilities (weaknesses). Institutions, government quality and regional growth
  3. Between metropolitan areas and inner peripheries: the fragility of average medium size cities
  4. Digitizing strategies for enhancing heritage and cultural landscape in fragile areas
  5. The impact of electric mobility on urban transformations

Further information on teaching activities and the board of professors are available here.

Deadline for Applications: 21st May 2019 (2:00 pm Italian time zone). Applicants must fill the online application form and attach the required documents.