Workshop on Innovations in Urban Governance

Oslo, Norway

22-23 April 1999

The European Urban Research Association (EURA) held a workshop on ‘Innovations in Urban Governance’ in Oslo, 21-24 April 1999.  The workshop was designed to achieve two aims:

  • To share new and emerging findings on recent research into urban governance;
  • To examine at first hand the Oslo parliamentary model of city government which has a cabinet-council form coupled with radical decentralisation to 25 neighbourhoods.

The first aim was achieved by presentation and discussion of twelve papers. The second aim was achieved by having three presentations on the Oslo experience – one by the city itself and two by researchers at NIBR who have studied the operation of Oslo government in depth.

The workshop was divided buy drugs online into six interactive sessions as follows:

  • Transforming local governing institutions;
  • Civic engagement;
  • Innovations in Oslo;
  • Local government innovation in context;
  • Exploring innovation themes;
  • Citizen involvement.

In all cases the paper presentations were kept concise in order to maximise time for discussion and debate. The discussions were extremely lively.

This event was hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research in Oslo, papers are available- see Issue 4 of the EURA Newsletter for details or contact the Workshop Secretary at the address below.


Jon Naustdalslid and Robin Hambleton

Workshop Secretary

Jan Erling Klausen
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research
PO Box 44 Blindern
N-0313 Oslo Norway
Tel: +47 22 95 88 00
Fax: +47 22 60 77 74