Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers

Washington DC, USA: 3rd-7th April 2019

“Local Governance and New Challenges in Urban Policy in a Changing World”

Local government and urban governance networks are of prime significance for the quality of life in human settlements, urban policies and patterns of spatial change. Hence, the study of aspects of local governance, such as territorial reforms, changing hierarchies and networks, local finance, intra- and inter-sectoral partnerships, local leadership, urban politics and citizen participation, is perpetual since the late 19th century. Nevertheless, the 21st century presents diverse new challenges, including reaction to climate change and environmental sustainability, adaptation to immigration and diversity, application of new “smart city” technologies in local management, and political-ideological transformation, such as the predominance of neo-liberalism and the rise of neo-populism.

The International Geographical Union Commission on Geography of Governance aims to advance knowledge of the geography of territorial governance, at the urban, local and regional levels, namely the conditions, scale and characteristics of new modes of territorial governance, and its social, cultural, political, economic and environmental consequences. It also aims to identify new perspectives and to explore new research methodologies and different geographical approaches in the field of urban, local and regional governance.

We invite abstracts that concern various aspects of local government reform and governance transformations, and their spatial, social, economic and environmental implications, particularly those concerned with the new challenges of the 21st century. The scope of our session is international, including comparative research. We welcome abstracts of those engaged in the activities of the IGU Commission on Geography of Governance, as well as from anyone with a relevant contribution in this field.

Deadline for Early Bird registration: 27th September 2018

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 8th October 2018