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Welcome to EURA Conversations

EURA Conversations is a blog conceived as a democratic space to share experiences, offer reflections and open up conversations on various aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The questions we hope to address along with readers include.

Does the Covid-19 pandemic raise new questions for urban studies? What are the implications of this disaster for the future of cities and urban governance? Amid all the suffering are there positive stories and insights to unearth? Can international exchange help different societies share good ideas and practices on how to recover from the Covid-19 onslaught?

This new interactive space has been created to facilitate exchange of views on how different cities and communities are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to explore ideas on what our world might look like in the future.
Each Post is less than 500 words. Please consider leaving a “Comment” at the end of the Post to stimulate fresh thinking and idea development.

If you would like to offer a Post to appear in this space please send your proposal in a Word document with: your title, your text, your name and affiliation to:
You will reach scholars in over twenty countries!

Robin Hambleton and Ignazio Vinci

Co-editors of the EURA Conversations series