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Democratic legitimacy by performance?

 This network is focused on the questions:

  • How far can democratic legitimacy be based on performance of a political system?
  • How far can output-legitimacy be replaced by input-legitimacy through participation of   those affected by decisions within the respective political system?

The  project “Democratic legitimacy by performance?” had an ECPR-panel-discussion in Reykjavik in 2011, and the group agreed to organize the network activity as a writing process leading to a special issue dealing with legitimacy in a local government context. The group had another meeting in Norway May 2012 discussing article drafts. The next meeting is planned in March 2013 in Bensheim, Germany, where the group will discuss fully developed articles based in their research.

The special issue on legitimacy will appear in Urban Research and Practice, nr. 3, 2014.


Colin Corpus (deMontford)
Bas Denters (Twente)
Michael Haus (Heidelberg)
Karsten Zimmermann (Darmstadt)
Hubert Heinelt (Darmstadt)
Anders Lidstöm (Umeå)
Katarina Roos (Umeå)
Stig Montin (Gothenburg)
Vicki Johansson (Gothenburg)
Jon Pierre (Nordland/Gothenburg)
Asbjørn Røiseland (Nordland)
Annelin Gustansen, (Nordland)

Contact: Asbjørn Røiseland (project leader) []