Institutional Members profile

EURA has members in over 20 countries with expertise in urban governance, urban policy, multi-level governance and policies, urban theories and methodologies and urban history, plus experience of, event organisation, curriculum development and training assistance.

The working language base available covers:

Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukranian.

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Name Keywords Language
Jens S. Dangschat
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Governance; planning as social processes, social inequalities; concentration patterns; integration; lectures German; English (advanced)


Name Keywords Language
Thomas Block
Ghent University, Belgium
Strategy formation; strategic management; strategic planning; local policy; urban policy; sustainable development; monitoring and indicators; co-design research Dutch (spoken/written: fluent); English (spoken/written: advanced); French (spoken/written: advanced); Spanish (spoken/written: basic); German (spoken/written: basic)
Koenraad De Ceuninck
Ghent University, Belgium
Local politics; municipal amalgamations; reforms at the local level; scale and local government Dutch (fluent); English (advanced); French (advanced); German (basic)
Eric Goubin
MEMORI, Belgium
Public communication; e-government; social profit communication; participation and local governance; research; consulting; congresses and workshops; lectures, seminars, training; publications Dutch English (fluent); French (fluent)
Herwig Reynaert
Ghent University, Belgium
Comparative local politics; political reforms at the local level; political participation and citizen satisfaction; election studies Dutch (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); English (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); French (spoken: advanced, written: intermediate)
Kristof Steyvers
Ghent University, Belgium
Local elections; recruitment of local leaders; local political leadership; comparative local politics; Belgium + comparative; ECPR joint sessions Nicosia: workshop director ‘local political leadership’ English; French; Dutch
Tony Valcke
Ghent University, Belgium
Elections and electoral reforms; political elite studies (recruitment); decision making at the local and provincial level (+ see research interests in pdf) Dutch (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); English (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); French (spoken: advanced, written: intermediate); Italian (spoken: advanced, written: intermediate)
Leentje Vanden Daele
Ghent University, Belgium

Local government; aldermen and town-councillors English (spoken/written: fluent); French (spoken/written: fluent); Italian (spoken/written: fluent); Dutch (spoken/written: fluent); German (spoken/written: basic); Spanish (spoken/written: basic)
Dries Verlet
Ghent University, Belgium
Trust in local government; satisfaction; quality of life; subjective well-being; political participation; survey; data-analysis; statistics; methodology; teaching; research; workshop organisation Dutch (fluent); English (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); French (spoken/written: intermediate)



Name Keywords Language
Dubravka Jurlina Alibegovic
Institute of Economics, Zagreb

Public finance; intergovernmental fiscal relations; local public finance; fiscal decentralization; local and regional development; Croatia English (written: fluent, spoken: advanced); German (written/spoken: basic)


Name Keywords Language
Michael Illner
Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Social, political and administrative aspects of local, urban and regional development, primarily in the countries of the ex-communist Europe English (fluent); Russian (fluent); Polish (advanced); German (advanced)
Vladimira Šilhánková
University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Urban planning; urban theory; public spaces; quality of life in cities; strategic planning; dwelling policy; brownfields; re-urbanization/revival; suburbanization; regional policy and development Czech; English (spoken/written: advanced); Polish and Slovak (spoken/ written: fluent); Russian (spoken/written: advanced); German (spoken/written: basic)


Name Keywords Language
Jacob Norvig Larsen
Danish Building Research Institute, Denmark

Urban and regional development; innovation and knowledge production; construction industries Danish; English, Swedish and Norwegian (fluent); Spanish (intermediate); French and German (basic)


Name Keywords Language
Christian Lefevre
Institut Français d’Urbanisme LATTS, France
Metropolitan institutions; metropolitan public-private coalitions; metropolitan public policies French; English, French, Italian
PUCA Plan Urbanisme,
Urban planning; social housing; urban mobility; cheap building French; English; Spanish (fluent)


Name Keywords Language
Dieter Hassenpflug
Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
Urban history; urban theory; planning theory; public space; post-fordist planning; e-commerce; Chinese city; mega-city German; English (written: advanced, spoken: fluent)French (written: basic, spoken: intermediate)
Heinrich Mäding
German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu), Germany
Interdisciplinary; comparative research on all issues regarding urban development and governance Broad variety of language skills within the Difu


Name Keywords Language
Panagiotis Getimis
Research University Institute of Urban Environmental and Human Resources – Panteion University, Greece
Spatial planning and regional development; urban and environmental policies; European spatial development; governance Greek; English and German(spoken/written/reading: fluent); Spanish (spoken/written/reading: intermediate)


Name Keywords Language
Iván Tosics
Metropolitan Research Institute, Hungary

Urban development; housing policy; strategic planning; comparative European projects; European Union regional development policy Hungarian; English (spoken/written: fluent); German (spoken: fluent, written: intermediate)


Name Keywords Language
Niamh Moore
University College Dublin, Ireland

Urban sustainability; brownfields; curriculum development; policy development and implementation English (fluent); Italian (spoken/written: intermediate); Irish (spoken/written: intermediate); French (spoken: basic)
Paula Russell
University College Dublin, Ireland
Urban regeneration; community participation; governance issues; urban planning; curriculum development English; Irish (spoken: intermediate, reading: advanced)


Name Keywords Language
Francesco Musco
University IUAV of Venice, Italy
Urban sustainability; Agenda 21; local government; participation; community involvement; urban renewal and reuse; environmental education for sustainable development Italian; English (advanced)
Cristiana Rossignolo
Università e Politecnico di Torino, Italy
EU policies; local/global interaction; strategic planning; local development strategies; territorial cohesion Italian; English
Ignazio Vinci
University of Palermo, Italy

Strategic planning; urban regeneration; local development; policentrism; EU urban and regional policy; structural funds in Italy Italian (mother tongue); English (spoken/written: advanced


Name Keywords Language
Jan Erling Klausen
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Norway
Extensive experience in political science research; experience from FP5 Norwegian; English (fluent)
Arvid Strand
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Norway

Urban planning/development; transportation/land use planning; lecturer urban planning and theories; commission work Norwegian; English (written: intermediate, spoken: basic); German (spoken: poor, reading: good); French (spoken: poor, reading: good)
Aud Tennøy
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Norway
Sustainable urban development; urban transport; urban land use; urban planning; decision processes; EIA Norwegian; Scandinavian languages (fluent); English (advanced); German (basic)


Name Keywords Language
Jerzy Bartkowski
Warsaw University, Poland
Urban politics; local civil society; local elites Polish; English (fluent); German, French, Russian (written)
Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka
Institute of Tourism and Leisure AWF, Poland

Sustainable tourism; heritage tourism; environment protection; spatial planning; urban tourism Polish (spoken/written: fluent);
English (spoken/written: advanced);
Russian (spoken/written: intermediate)
Pawel Swianiewicz
Warsaw University, Poland
Local government and governance; territorial organisation; local government finance Polish; English (fluent); Russian (advanced); Ukrainian (basic)


Name Keywords Language
Rosa Branco
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Metropolitan areas; competitiveness; governance; PhD research Portuguese (mother tongue); English (spoken/written: fluent)
French (spoken: intermediate; written: basic)
Isabel Breda-Vázquez
University of Porto, Portugal

Metropolitan development; spatial planning; urban regeneration policies; urban governance; urban regeneration policies; urban governance; evaluation of urban policies Portuguese; English (intermediate); French (intermediate)


Name Keywords Language
Alfonso Martinez Cearra
Bilbao Metropoli-30, Spain

Strategic reflection for municipalities; regional government; regional and local government; technical secretary of events; international relations; congresses; forums Spanish; English (fluent)
Claudia Sisti
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Public space; urban regeneration; interdisciplinary studies; sustainable urban development; public art; green/blue spaces; metropolitan strategies Italian (mother tongue); Portuguese (spoken/written: fluent); Spanish (spoken/written: advanced); English (spoken/written: intermediate)


Name Keywords Language
Louise Nystrom
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Urban studies; quality of life; environmental structures Swedish; English (fluent); German (intermediate); French (basic)



Name Keywords Language
Christopher Bahn
Center for Urban & Real Estate Management (CUREM), Switzerland
Curriculum development; urban management; real estate markets; urban planning; retailing German (mother tongue); English (advanced)


Name Keywords Language
Bas Denters
University of Twente, The Netherlands

See summary of research interests in .pdfPlus, coordination BA-program in Public Administration and master track Public Governance Dutch; English, German (spoken/written: fluent); French (written: advanced; spoken: intermediate)
Stefanie Dühr
Radboud University Nijmegen
European spatial planning, transnationality, polycentricity, cartographic representations German (mother tongue); English (fluent); Dutch (reasonable); French (basic); Italian (basic)Spanish (basic)


Bart Nijhof
Nicis Institute, European Urban Knowledge Network, The Netherlands
Dutch (native speaker); English (fluent);
French (basic understanding);
German (basic understanding)
OTB Research Institute
for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies, The Netherlands
Dutch; English
Piet Severijnen
ONDA International Research, Consultancy and Training, The Netherlands
International leadership trainer; trainer research methodology for local authority officers; evaluator of European projects; expert evaluator of ICT project proposals 6th framework European Commission; organisationof workshop for European project; writing of European project proposals; (International) project management; Intercultural management; development of (organisational and internet) strategy; international policy and customer/citizens survey research; international comparative local government research Dutch; English (spoken/written: fluent); German (spoken/written: fluent); Italian (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); French (written: basic)


Name Keywords Language
Muhammet Kösecik
Pamukkale University, Turke
Politics of local government, European integration and local government English (spoken/written: advanced)
Hüseyin Ozgür
Pamukkale University, Turkey
Management and LED or urban areas; Turkey; teaching on local governments Turkish (mother tongue); English (spoken/written: advanced)


Name Keywords Language
Rob Atkinson
University of the West of England, UK

Urban regeneration; partnerships; community participation; urban governance; social exclusion English
Laurence Carmichael
University of the West of England, UK

EU integration; multi-level governance; comparative governance; urban leadership and community participation French and English
Gordon Dabinett
University of Sheffield, UK
Spatial justice; urban and regional planning English
Jonathan Davies
University of Warwick, UK

Urban politics public policy governance critique social inclusion citizenship English
Peter Hall
University College London, UK
Urban comparative analysis; strategic planning of metropolitan areas EnglishFrench (spoken: intermediate, written: fluent); German (spoken: intermediate; written: fluent)
Robin Hambleton
University of the West of England, UK
Cross-national academic and policy exchange relating to city leadership, urban governance and city planning English
Eileen Lepine
University of the West of England, UK
Localism/neighbourhood governance; local government including the role of councillors; regeneration and renewal; community and partnership; practitioner learning in regeneration; renewal; sustainability; historical perspectives EnglishFrench (written: basic)
Ian Smith
University of the West of England, UK
Urban policy; information infrastructure; research methodology; sub-regional spatial planning EnglishFrench (spoken: fluent, written: advanced); Italian (spoken: basic)
Helen Sullivan
University of the West of England, UK

Urban governance; collaboration; local government; neighbourhoods; decentralisation; evaluation English


Name Keywords Language
Nevin Brown
International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership, USA
Urban and international education, particularly at the postsecondary level EnglishFrench (basic); German (basic)
George C. Galster
Wayne State University, USA
Sprawl; neighbourhoods; poverty; segregation; housing markets; externalities; thresholds English
Paul Kantor
Fordham University, USA
Comparative urban research and American politics/public policy EnglishFrench (basic); Italian (intermediate)
Philip Nyden
Loyola University Chicago, USA
Collaborative research; housing; diverse communities; gentrification; affordable housing; sustainable development English
Catherine L. Ross
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Quality growth; infrastructure planning and management; megaregion planning and global cities English (spoken/written: advanced);
French (spoken: basic)