Call for papers – academic workshop in Graz!

The call for papers addresses an academic workshop on the topic of ‘Conceptionalising Industrial Culture‘ in Graz on the 11th-12th of October in Graz (Austria).

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EURA 2016 Torino – Conference Summary!

Please find here the summary of our lastest Conference in Torino!

New call for papers!

The call for papers of the open access e-journal ‘The Public Sector’ (published by the chair of Public Finance and Infrastructure at the Department of Spatial Planning, TU Wien) addresses the topic:

“Commons Reloaded. Potentials and Challenges in Urban and Regional Development”

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Facing the Global Challenges in Cities, Climate Change and Transport (Engendering Habitiat III)

The 5th Engendering International Conference will take place in Madrid from 5th to 7th october 2016. The International Conference ‘Engendering Habitat III’ engages with contemporary challenges to the urban environment, with specific reference to their gender dimensions and the promotion of gender equality.

Announcement: Official Welcome

The EURA Governing Board officially welcome Marta Lackowska (Paweł Swianiewicz’s successor) and Susanne Søholt (Jan Erling Klausen’s successor)!

Torino 2017 – Conference Awards

We congratulate the winners and wish them great success and perseverance in their research activities!

1. The best paper award went to:

Eija Susanna Meriläinen, (HUMLOG Institute, Hanken School of Economics)

Assistant Professor Wilfredo Yushimito, (Department of Engineering & Sciences, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)

Title: Hills on fire: How governmental and non-governmental organizations impact community resilience through housing construction, the case of Great Fire of Valparaiso 2014

2. The the young scholar award went to:

Tsavdaroglou Charalampos, (PhD Researcher, School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Title: The location of cultural common space and the right to the city in Istanbul: from the creative city to the rebel city and vice versa

Pact of Amsterdam – The new Urban Agenda

Cities have a key role to play in translating national and EU policy objectives into concrete action. They directly or indirectly implement EU policies and legislation and contribute to EU’s major policy objectives, particularly its Jobs, Growth and Investment agenda, the Digital Single Market and the recently adopted Energy Union with a forward-looking Climate Change policy.

The Pact of Amsterdam will contain the Operational Framework of the Urban Agenda fo the EU and will elaborate on the goals of the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Pact of Amsterdam

Roadmap from Riga to Amsterdam

Updates and Opportunities!

The EURA Secretariat has a new email address! Over the next little while we will be phasing in our new email address ( Please note this change in your address books! Also, visit our current Events, News & Jobs for May updates including events for later this year and job opportunities at Utrecht University.

Interested in collaborating on a COST action proposal?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Edita Baltrėnaitė at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) is currently working now on a COST action proposal with a topic on urban contamination. Visit our Current Events, News & Jobs page for further info.

Two new calls for submissions!

Check out the call for submissions for the 5th International Conference ‘Engendering Habitat III’ and the 2016 EGPA Annual Conference on Public administration and public sector innovation in and for smart cities.