Previous Conferences


EURA 2013

Cities as Seedbeds of Innovation

4-6 July 2013 | Enschede, The Netherlands

Organised by the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies, University of Twente

EURA 2010

Understanding City Dynamics

24-26 September 2010 | Darmstadt, Germany

Organised by the Darmstadt Technical University


City Futures II

City Futures in a Globalising World

4-6 June 2009 | Madrid, Spain

A joint conference organized by EURA and the US Urban Affairs Association (UAA) as a transatlantic follow up to the successful ‘City Futures’ Conference held in Chicago in 2004.
Organised by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

EURA 2008

Learning Cities in a Knowledge-based Global Society

9-11 October 2008 | Milan, Italy

Hosted by the Politecnico di Milano
Organised by Alessandro Balducci

EURA 2007

The Vital City

12-14 September 2007 | Glasgow, Scotland

Hosted by the University of Glasgow
Organised by Ivan Turok

EURA 2006

Cities in City Regions

11-14 May 2006 | Warsaw, Poland

Hosted by University of Warsaw
Organised by Pawel Swianiewicz

EURA 2005

International Policies and Strategies of Cities

10 December 2006 | Lyon, France

Hosted by Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon
Organised by Christian Lefèvre and Bernard Jouve

EURA 2004

Public Spaces and Quality of Life in Cities

23-25 September 2004 | Brno, Czech Republic

Hosted by the Faculty of Architecture TU Brno
Organised by Vladimira Silhankova

EURA 2003.2

European Urban Development, Research and Policy: The Future of European Cohesion Policy

28-30 August 2003 | Budapest, Hungary

Hosted by the Metropolitan Research Institute
Organised by Ivàn Tosics

EURA 2003.1

‘Universities and their Role in Urban Community Development

10-11 April 2003 | Enschede, The Netherlands

Hosted by the University of Twente
Organised by Bas Denters

EURA 2002.2

‘City Images and Urban Regeneration

11-12 October 2002 | Turin, Italy

Hosted by Bauhaus University Weimar
Organised by Frank Eckardt

EURA 2002.1

Urban and Spatial European Policies: Levels of Territorial Government

18-20 April 2002 | Turin, Italy

Hosted by the Politecnico e Università di Torino
Organised by Alessandro Balducci and Giuseppe Dematteis

EURA 2001

Area-based Initiatives in Contemporary Urban Policy: Innovations in City Governance

7-9 May 2001 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Hosted by Danish Building and Urban Research
Organised by Jacob Norvig Larsen and Hans Kristensen

EURA 2000

Cities in the Region

13-15 April 2000 | Dublin, Ireland

Hosted by the Department of Regional and Urban Planning, University College, Dublin
Organised by Michael Bannon

Before 1999

EURA 1999.2

European cities in transformation

22-23 October 1999 | Paris, France

Hosted by LATTS, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausees
Organised by Christian Lefèvre

EURA 1999.1

Innovations in Urban Governance

April 1999 | Oslo, Norway

Hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR)
Organised by Jon Naustdalslid and Jan Erling Klausen

EURA 1998

Towards an Urban Agenda for the European Union

7-9 May 2008 | Venice, Italy

Hosted by Dipartimento di Analisi Economica e Sociale del Territorio (DAEST)
Organised by Paola Somma

EURA 1997

Governing Cities: International Perspectives

18-19 September 1997 | Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by the University of the West of England, Bristol
Organised by Robin Hambleton and Murray Stewart