EURA Previous Conferences

Previous Conferences


EURA 2010

Understanding City Dynamics

24-26 September 2010 | Darmstadt, Germany

Organised by the Darmstadt Technical University


City Futures II

City Futures in a Globalising World

4-6 June 2009 | Madrid, Spain

A joint conference organized by EURA and the US Urban Affairs Association (UAA) as a transatlantic follow up to the successful ‘City Futures’ Conference held in Chicago in 2004.
Organised by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

EURA 2008

Learning Cities in a Knowledge-based Global Society

9-11 October 2008 | Milan, Italy

Hosted by the Politecnico di Milano
Organised by Alessandro Balducci

EURA 2007

The Vital City

12-14 September 2007 | Glasgow, Scotland

Hosted by the University of Glasgow
Organised by Ivan Turok

EURA 2006

Cities in City Regions

11-14 May 2006 | Warsaw, Poland

Hosted by University of Warsaw
Organised by Pawel Swianiewicz

EURA 2001

Area-based Initiatives in Contemporary Urban Policy: Innovations in City Governance

7-9 May 2001 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Hosted by Danish Building and Urban Research
Organised by Jacob Norvig Larsen and Hans Kristensen