EURA Conferences

EURA Conferences

Every year EURA sponsors an annual conference hosted by an institutional member of our network.

Previous conferences have been located in cities such as Glasgow (2007), Milan (2008), Madrid (2009), Darmstadt (2010), Copenhagen (2011), Vienna (2012), Enschede (2013), Paris (2014), Sibiu (2015), Torino (2016), Warsaw (2017) and Tilburg (2018).
If you are an institutional member of EURA, and would like to host a future EURA please contact us.

City Futures Conferences

EURA has, from the outset, had a close and productive working relationship with the North American Urban Affairs Association (UAA). The two associations share the same aims and, in an effort to expand exchanges among urban scholars working in different countries and contexts, EURA and UAA agreed to strengthen their relationship by organising a series of forward looking conferences on ‘City Futures’.

The first of these international conferences was held in Chicago, USA in June 2004. This conference was viewed as a great success and the two associations decided to organise an ongoing series of ‘City Futures’ international conferences at five-yearly intervals. City Futures Conferences have been held as follows:

2004 Chicago, USA
2009 Madrid, Spain
2014 Paris, France
2019 Dublin, Ireland

EURA 2022

The 2022 EURA Conference aims to promote critical reflection on the various processes of fragilization, which are stressing places and people, particularly in Europe, evidently tightly related to the global transition that the world is experiencing.
16-18 June 2022 | Milan, Italy

Previous Conferences

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EURA Young Scholar Award

EURA gives a young scholar award for emerging scholars whose work exemplifies outstanding scholarship in urban affairs. The recipient receives a 1.000 Euro honorarium as a travel grant that will allow the winner to participate at the next EURA or UAA conference.

Are eligible participants of the conference with an accepted proposal in one of the conference tracks, pursuing doctoral research, regardless of academic discipline. The award ceremony takes place at the end of each year's conference.

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