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Conference Prizes


During the European Urban Research Association annual conference, an award is given to an emerging scholar whose work exemplifies outstanding scholarship in urban affairs. The recipient receives a 1.000€ honorarium. The honorarium is a travel grant that will allow the winner to participate at the next EURA or Urban Affairs Association conference. The award winner is usually announced at the conference.


Participants of the conference pursuing a doctoral or post-doctoral research projects, regardless of academic discipline, are eligible to apply. Applicants must have an approved dissertation proposal. The candidate is not required to be an EURA member. Candidates must have an accepted proposal in one of the conference tracks and have to submit a full paper before the conference. Specific details may applied according to the conference organisers.


Track chairs of the conference will nominate a limited number of excellent papers. The final decision will be made by a scientific committee/jury composed of members of the EURA Governing Board and based on the conference chairs’ recommendation.


In addition to the grant, the author might be invited to publish his paper in EURA Urban Research & Practice journal.

Discover the EURA Emerging Scholar Award winners

EURA 2023, Reykjavík

Dafni Riga and Federica Bianchi
Politecnico di Milano

Paper title: Assessing children’s perception of public space adjacent to schools in Lombardy, Italy

EURA 2022, Milan

Christoph Zangger
University of Bern

Paper title: Help thy neighbor: How neighborhood relations buffered the negative impact of COVID-19 on subjective well-being and trust

EURA 2021, Oslo

Lina Zhang
Faculty of Spatial Planning, Technical University of Dortmund

Paper title: Assessing social sustainability of affordable housing planning in Shanghai based on primary schools

EURA/UAA 2019, Dublin

Fenna Imara Hoefsloot
Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente

Paper title: People and Places Uncounted: Legibility in the Water Infrastructure of Lima, Peru

EURA 2018, Tilburg

Michael Andrea Strebel
Department of Political Science, University of Zürich

Paper title: Who Supports Metropolitan Reform? Citizens’ Attitudes in Four West European Countries

EURA 2017, Warsaw

1st Place: Victor Osei Kwadwoa and Tatiana Skripka
Maastricht School of Governance, Maastricht University

Paper title: Metropolitan Governance Cooperation and CO2 Transport Emission: A Three-Level Hierarchical Linear Model Analysis

Runner-up: Adrian Favero
School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Paper title: Political Attitudes among the urban Polish Youth: Assessing the role of the city on support for the European Union

EURA 2016, Turin

Charalampos Tsavdaroglou
School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Paper title: The location of cultural common space and the right to the city in Istanbul: from the creative city to the rebel city and vice versa

EURA 2007, Glasgow

Elsa Vivant
French Institute of Urban Planning, Université Paris 8

Paper title: How underground culture is changing Paris



Participants of the conference with an accepted abstract proposal in one of the conference tracks. The author is not required to be an EURA member.


The track chairs select the best paper in their tracks and a Best Paper Award committee will review the selected papers.


The author of the winning paper will have the opportunity to publish the work in a dedicated special issue of the EURA Urban Research & Practice journal. Papers go through the normal refereeing process.

Discover the EURA Conference Best Paper Award winners

EURA 2023, Reykjavík

Josip Mikulić (1), Maruška Vizek (2), Nebojša Stojčić (3), James E. Payne (4), Anita Čeh Časni (1) and Tajana Barbić (2)
University of Zagreb (1), The Institute of Economics, Zagreb (2), University of Dubrovnik (3), University of Texas at El Paso (4)

Paper title: The Effect of Tourism Activity on Housing Affordability

EURA 2022, Milan

Robin A. Chang (1), Sara Caramaschi (2) and Alejandra Guadalupe Castro Giron (3)
RWTH Aachen University (1), Politecnico di Milano (2), TU Dortmund University (3)

Paper title: Leadership Trajectories: A Collectively Oriented Re-Framing for Temporary Urbanism