Urban and Spatial European Policies: Levels of Territorial Government – EURA

Urban and Spatial European Policies: Levels of Territorial Government

18-20 April 2002, Turin, Italy

In the last decade, EU urban and spatial policies have influenced and shaped planning and policies of European countries. The aim of the Conference is to promote the debate, among academics and professionals, and the exchange of experiences on practices and research related to the implementation of EU urban and spatial policies with special attention to:

  • Impacts and relations with different levels of government: national, regional, subregional, transregional;
  • Innovation in local strategies and actions;
  • Development of new fields of urban and spatial research in Europe.

Call for papers

The Conference was organised in plenary sessions according to the following themes:

  • EU and urban regeneration policies.The role of EU programmes and initiatives (integrated projects such as URBAN, Urban Pilot Projects, etc.) in urban regeneration policies.
  • EU and urban development strategies. Experiences and perspectives of governance, strategic planning, sustainable development.
  • EU and urban/spatial network policies. Network policies at different levels: local/regional networks, macro-regional networks (polycentrism), transnational cooperation (Interreg), city networks (Recite).
  • EU infrastructural policies and urban restructuring. High speed rail, highways nodes, airports, ports, etc. as opportunities/perspectives to restructuring cities.
  • Urban competitiveness monitoring and evaluation. New comparative instruments of competitiveness among urban and regional systems as territorial benchmarking, Urban Audit, urban marketing, etc.


Alessandro Balducci, Politecnico di Milano
Giuseppe Dematteis, Politecnico e Università di Torino

EU-POLIS sistemi urbani europei
Dipartimento Interateneo Territorio
Politecnico e Università di Torino
Viale Mattioli, 39
10125 Torino – ITALY