International policies and strategies of cities – EURA

International policies and strategies of cities

EURA Conference organised by the European Science Foundation research network CITTA (Cities as International and Transnational Actors), Lyon, France

10 December 2005

Economical, cultural and political dynamics linked with globalisation, the end of the fordist mode of accumulation, the fall of the old communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the recomposition of the States have given metropolises new functions in the political and economical regulation of modern societies.

In that context, big cities are developing new international initiatives and thus contribute to the changing of a political order historically centered on Nation-States. If there is a significant scientific controversy regarding the thesis of the disappearance of these Nation-States, it is nevertheless obvious that the domain of international and transnational relations is rapidly evolving with the emergence of new actors and new institutions. To give some reality to this process, some authors mention the building of a global polity in which the largest cities, along with NGOs, social movements and firms, play an important role.

This conference aims at analysing the policies and politics of internationalisation of metropolitan areas located in various geo-political and institutional contexts. These international activities will be placed in an historical dimension and be put in the present political environment. For comparative purposes, the selected urban areas will be chosen in the European Union (France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom) as well as outside the EU (Canada, Russia, Switzerland, United States). With this comparison, this conference will contribute to the understanding of the role of metropolises in the making of a new global political order and of the post-fordist transition.

There will be no call for papers for this conference. Papers will be presented by members of CITTA and invited speakers.

CITTA is an ESF network co-chaired by Prof. E. d’Albergo (University La Sapienza, Rome) and Prof. C.Lefèvre (University of Paris 8).


Professor Christian Lefèvre
Institut Français d’Urbanisme (Paris)

Bernard Jouve, Researcher
Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat (Lyon)

Conference venue
Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon