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EURA Newsletter Call for Content!

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It’s time again for the next EURA newsletter! Two times a year we collect and collate news and updates about research project, publications, and activities and share them with our network. If you have anything to share or promote we encourage you to forward content. A few guidelines to consider if you do indeed submit:

  1. There is no limit to the length of the contribution,
  2. We encourage images (JPG/PNG format) to visually improve the content.
    1. Image files should be submitted in addition to the written content
  3. We encourage PDF format for the writing. This allows us to keep the integrity of any formatting/presentation you have prepared.
    1. We will upload the PDFs to our website and provide a link to the webpage in our newsletter. So you are actually getting double exposure through the newsletter and the EURA website
  4. Please forward your contributions to our newsletter email address by Friday, February 8th, 2016.

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