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Renewing Europe’s Housing September 2014

Published: November 2014

Public policy gives too little attention to the widespread and still growing problem of Europe’s aging and poor quality housing…

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The Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration

Published: October 2013

In the past decade, urban regeneration policy makers and practitioners have faced a number of difficult challenges…

Voices and Images from the Banlieue

Published: 2014

The “banlieue” occupies a particular place in the French imagination…

Leading the Inclusive City

Published: November 24 2014

A new, international comparative book on urban leadership was launched at the Bristol Festival of Ideas in the UK last month…

Taking Planning Forward: PhD Research Projects on the Centenary of the Bartlett School of Planning 1914-2014

Published: April 2014

A collection of short research abstracts by PhD candidates at the Bartlett School of Planning, London, specially prepared in April 2014 for the Bartlett centenary…

Public space and relational perspectives: New challenges for architecture and planning

Published: October 2014

Traditional approaches to understand space tend to view public space mainly as a shell or container, focussing on its morphological structures and functional uses.

Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe

Published: November 2013

European cities are changing rapidly in part due to the process of de-industrialization, European integration and economic globalization…

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