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International Call – Maria Zambrano

#29 Urban mobility
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Deadline for application: 30 July 2021

Grants description

The Universitat de Barcelona (UB) is offering 16 “María Zambrano” grants to hire international talent in political science and related disciplines.
These grants are aimed at researchers with a postdoctoral career of (minimum) 24 months in universities or R&D centres outside their doctoral institution.
Grants will be 1-to 2 year
contracts, with a total gross monthly amount of 4,000€, plus a unique initial payment of maximum € 3,500 for travel and first accommodation costs. The main purpose of these grants is to contribute and strengthen existing research lines of hosting research groups at the UB.

The Grel
The GREL (Research Group on Local Studies: is a research group at UB’s Political Science Department, located in the Faculty of Law. The lines of research include the study of local government, comparative territorial politics, urban studies, and judicial politics, all of which are currently funded through the research projects listed above.


If you are interested in joining the program for 1 or 2 years, the GREL is welcoming potential candidates on any of the mentioned research lines. Candidates should submit their Maria Zambrano applications through this link:

Please contact the university at and to address general inquiries and to ask for the documentation that the GREL has to provide.

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