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#39 Metropolization
EURA Statement 28 February 2022
As a network aiming at the promotion of exchange of knowledge between urban scholars from a wide research community, we feel that the European Urban Research Association (EURA) has a responsibility in standing for values of collaboration, mutual respect, abiding by international agreements and respecting human rights.

Since its foundation, EURA has witnessed the virtues of dialogue and collaboration on several matters of common interest. This is always possible among academics of different nations. It is in coherence with those values and experience that EURA condemns all forms of armed conflict and, in particular, the invasion of sovereign countries.

Our solidarity goes to our Ukrainian colleagues and all those who are victims of such unacceptable forms of violence, along with those in Russia who are courageously manifesting their rejection of this war.

On behalf of the EURA Governing Board,
Prof. Filipe Teles,
President of the European Urban Research Association

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