6th DOKORP 2022 – Open Calls – EURA

6th DOKORP 2022 – Open Calls

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The 6th DOKORP will take place on February 14 and 15, 2022, in German and English language, and hopefully in attendance.
The title is:

“If possible, please turn around! Researching and Planning for the Sustainability Turn”

Spatial planning and development, despite guiding principles to the contrary, contribute locally and globally to social processes that exceed the planet‘s carrying capacity and distribute burdens and opportunities unequally. “If possible, please turn around!“ therefore is not the suggestion of your navigation system after a missed turn, but the request to consistently question this direction as well as to point out possibilities that necessarily go beyond marginal directional corrections. The Dortmund Conference on Spatial and Planning Research 2022 would like to contribute to the Sustainability Turn and invites you to present your contribution to this process. 

Here the programme and the call

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