Call for Abstracts – 22nd Annual IRSPM Conference

The Future of the European City in the Global Perspective
AESOP Annual Congress 2018

The theme of the IRSPM 2018 conference at the University of Edinburgh Business School, in Edinburgh (Scotland), is creating and co-creating value in public service delivery. One of the key debates in the public management community is about the ‘value’ that is created by public services. This debate has included elements concerning, among others:

  • What this value comprises and for whom (services users, citizens, or the community)
  • How is it understood by different stakeholders
  • The balance and potential conflicts both between individual and public value and between the values underpinning public services and the value that they add to citizens and society
  • The processes through which it is designed into public service systems, and organizations
  • How it might be evaluated

To submit an abstract please visit and follow the instructions. Authors will be notified of the outcome by 24th November 2017If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact:

Deadline for submission: 20th October 2017

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