Call for papers – Security, Democracy and Cities

Call for papers – INU Conferece 2017
Call for Abstracts – Planning Africa 2018

The contribution papers will address the co-production of urban security policies and will be based on the topics of the conference programme. Contributions must follow the established format and procedure and be sent in the timefraime given. More information.

Topics are for example:

  • Inclusive qand resilient cities
  • The priority of prevention. Examples of possible topics:
    • Prevention of discrimination, hate and violence
    • Prevention of radicalisation
    • Prevention of reoffending
    • Prevention of organised crime
  • Place and times. Leisure areas, nightlife, transport, large events, shopping areas
  • Role of the local and regional level in the governance of global security

Format: Contributions must be written in English, Spain or French. Between 15.000 and 20.000 characters (spaces included) and an Abstract with 3.000 character in English.

Deadline: 15th September 2017


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