CALL for PAPERS EURA Conference 2013

9th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards 2011/2012

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Main questions

In the 2013 EURA Conference we want to focus on a wide range of issues that pertain to the main question: How do urban actors who collectively decide over and shape the urban landscapes and societies of the future deal with the challenges of the 21st century? In dealing with this complex question we aim to bring together leading urban scholars to present work that enhances our scientific understanding of the dynamics of city innovations. How do actors in urban societies across Europe (and beyond) make their choices, face challenges and use opportunities for smart, sustainable and inclusive development of urban societies? But, in line with the mission of EURA, the conference should also provide a forum for more applied scientific work aimed at establishing links between the worlds of academia and urban practitioners.

In keeping with the successful format of previous EURA Conferences we envision that in addition to plenary sessions there will be a total of five or six thematic tracks.

Conference tracks

Track 1: Designing Cities of the Future: Towards smart, safe & liveable cities!
Track 2: Local Agenda 21: What has been achieved, and what’s next?
Track 3: Innovations of Governance in Cities and Urban regions
Track 4: Integration and Social Inclusion: Europe’s Youth and the City of Tomorrow
Track 5: Cities And Innovation In The Knowledge Society


In the 2012 Vienna Conference EURA and the JPI Urban Europe co-organized a track related to the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. On the basis of the positive experiences in 2012 the Management Board of Urban Europa and the EURA Board have expressed their interest in including a JPI Urban Europe track in the Twente Conference. Later we will provide details on this possible sixth track.


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