ECPR/EURA PhD Summer School 2019 – EURA

ECPR/EURA PhD Summer School 2019

City Futures Conference 2019
Dortmunder Conference 2020

This year’s topic is: Is Local Always Better?

All over the world, local authorities are significant players in the provision of public services. In recent decades, decentralization has become an important reform strategy in many countries, usually with the support of international organizations. Traditional sources suggest that efficiency and quality gains in the provision of public services are achieved through decentralization, along with greater expectations for accountability and responsiveness. Some scholars have warned, however, that decentralization is not without its dangers. For example, local administrations may be understaffed, financially challenged, or feel pressure from local political elites, which can affect the quality of public service provision. There is also a risk of inequality between poorer and richer municipalities. (read more)

Further information, facts and the program can be found here or on the website.

Winterthur, Switzerland: 6th-12th July 2019

Deadline for application: 20th April 2019

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