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Urban Research & Practice – Volume 15, Issue 2

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Urban Research & Practice

NOW AVAILABLE : Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2022


Research Article

Beyond the decay? Positive patterns in the development of a large housing estate: the case of Olechów-Janów district in Łódź, Poland
Jakub Galuszka
Pages: 169-193

Temporary uses: a new form of inclusive urban regeneration or a tool for neoliberal policy?
Francesca Bragaglia & Nadia Caruso
Pages: 194-214

Towards the ‘just city’? Exploring the attitudes of European city mayors
Oliver Dlabac, Roman Zwicky, Juliet Carpenter & Patrícia Pereira
Pages: 215-238

One city, different views: an analysis of cultural schemes on Brussels as a living environment
Pascal Verhoest, Joke Bauwens & Petrus te Braak
Pages: 239-257

Governing and financing affordable housing at the intersection of the market and the state: Denmark’s private non-profit housing system
Luise Noring, David Struthers & Adam Grydehøj
Pages: 258-274

Perceived benefits and risks of developing mixed communities in New Zealand: implementer perspectives
Elinor Chisholm, Nevil Pierse & Philippa Howden-Chapman
Pages: 275-298

Policy Article

Paranoid regulatory innovations? Setting the stage for an unexpected war in Russian cities, 2021-2022
Sofia Borushkina
Pages: 299-309

Practice Article

Activating building land as joint task in the Stuttgart region action programmes for residential and commercial land as elements of sustainable regional development
Thomas Kiwitt & Christoph Hemberger
Pages: 310-314

Book Review

A modern guide to national urban policies in Europe
Carla Tedesco
Pages: 315-316

Rethinking sustainability towards a regenerative economy
Jelena Brajković
Pages: 317-319

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Urban Research & Practice, the European Urban Research Association journal, provides a systematic description of urban issues, urban developments and urban policy and implementation.
It seeks to explain variations in urban policies or urban governance and analyse and evaluate the effects of these polices and processes. It also looks at the European-wide factors that impact on urban areas, urban policies and urban governance.

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