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New President of EURA

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NEWS:  Change in the President of EURA

Our thanks to Professor Hubert Heinelt.

In October 2013 Professor Hubert Heinelt, Technical University of Darmstadt, stepped down as President of EURA.  Hubert has served as President since 2010.  At the EURA General Assembly meeting, held in Enschede in July 2013 at the EURA annual conference, Hubert was thanked for his active and successful work as President.  In particular, he was thanked for all his work in registering EURA as an official non-profit organisation.  This provides a sound legal basis for our association.  The EURA Governing Board also expressed its gratitude to Hubert for his effective leadership of EURA.


A warm welcome to our new EURA President, Professor Karsten Zimmermann.

In July 2013 the EURA Governing Board elected Karsten Zimmermann, Technical University of Dortmund, as President.  Karsten will serve as President from October 2013 until 2017.

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