Past Conferences

City Futures 2014 Paris

In cooperation with UAA

The third City Futures conference took place in Paris on June 18-20 2014. “Cities as strategic players and strategic places” served as the main topic that brought together more than 350 people. At this year’s annual conference and more than 310 papers were presented in more than 70 sessions.

Five major themes were addressed:

  • Spatial justice and the City
  • Productive and Creative cities
  • Cities and Environmental Sustainability
  • Cities and Democracy
  • Cities, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism

Professor Stephen Graham from Newcastle University provided the keynote speech. Professor Graham’s speech discussed the challenging topic on the Commodification of Urban Air. The final roundtable included three world renowned academics: S. Clarke from the United States, R. Hambleton buy topamax cheap from Europe and V. Watson from Africa. They were invited by Professor Mustafa Dikec to further discuss big issues and challenges facing cities in the coming years from their ‘continental’ perspectives.

The attendees represented countries Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

The third City Futures conference was a big success, thanks to the support of the EURA and UAA and also the international and organizing committees.

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