2nd INTERNATIONAL BMBF-CONFERENCE: Future Megacities in Action. Innovative Solutions for Energy- and Climate-Efficient Urbanisation

9th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards 2011/2012
3rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE: Key to the New Multicultural Societies of the Globalized World

14 – 16 May 2013, Hamburg, Germany

Throughout the world, and especially in the Global South, urbanisation is a dominant trend. As a result, the number of Megacities is continuously rising. Within the context of climate change, Megacities play a significant role on a global level, as they are both massive contributors to as well as victims of the phenomenon. Therefore, future Megacities are a crucial arena for sustainable development and need to become active drivers of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as energy and resource efficiency.

The research programme “Future Megacities”, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has supported nine international projects in emerging Megacities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Combining research and practical application, the international project teams have developed new theoretical concepts, practical approaches and pilot projects for both technical as well as non-technical innovations for sustainable urban development.

The main objective of the conference is to organise a forum on innovative solutions for a sustainable urban development particularly of emerging megacities in developing and newly industrialising countries.

The conference will bring together global actors, experts and dedicated urbanists in politics, academia, civil society and business to

  • discuss the pressing needs of cities
  • learn about innovative solutions and
  • reflect on new ways for implementing and upscaling knowledge and capacities.

The event also offers various opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with 300 international experts. A market place provides insights into model solutions, products and tangible results from different urban contexts, while specially commissioned short films complete the programme.

General conference information here and on: www.future-megacities.org

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