3rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE: Key to the New Multicultural Societies of the Globalized World

2nd INTERNATIONAL BMBF-CONFERENCE: Future Megacities in Action. Innovative Solutions for Energy- and Climate-Efficient Urbanisation
International Conference on “Changing Cities: Spatial, morphological, formal & socio-economic dimensions”

7-9 October 2013, Siena, Italy

Intercultural competence has always been essential to human relations. In today’s globalized world, where societies are increasingly challenged by multiculturalism, an active employment of intercultural skills at all levels of all societies is becoming more and more necessary to achieve understanding between cultures. Today’s societies are increasingly intertwined by technology and by movements of peoples. They are continually challenged by a fast pace of life and resulting sudden changes that bring about a need to constantly evolve and quickly adapt to new transformations. Intercultural competence, understood as a set of key skills completing the profile of every global citizen, allows one to stand before these socio-cultural challenges. It therefore needs to be integrated into societies throughout their infrastructures, i.e. educational and healthcare systems, government and third sector organizations, and corporations. Special attention needs to be dedicated also to new changes in interpersonal relationships (new forms of families and caregivers, virtual relationships, multicultural classrooms, refugees etc.) where intercultural competence becomes an effective tool to overcome and heal misunderstandings.

The third edition of Intercultural Horizons is dedicated to this multifaceted theme. Due to the countless topics within this general theme we have created several macro areas to help guide the various streams of discussion.

Macro Areas

  1. Geopolitical Themes

  2. Theoretical Considerations of Intercultural Competence and Interculturalism

  3. Intercultural Competence development and assessment: Practical examples and research

  4. Civic engagement in International and Culturally Diverse Contexts

  5. New “intra-cultural” applications of intercultural competence

  6. Intercultural education and training

 Presentation formats

  • Concurrent conference session

  • Interactive workshop

  • Poster session

 Important Dates

  • 1st  April 2013: Proposal Deadline

  • 15th  May 2013: Proposal Decision Date

  • 30th June 2013: Early registration deadline

All proposals must be submitted online here. Accepted papers for presentation will be published in early 2014.

General conference information here and on: www.ticfie.com  

Contact: interculturalhorizons@gmail.com

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