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#1 Leadership

What does Covid-19 reveal about local leadership? EURA Conversations Post #1 – 4 May 2020 by Robin Hambleton Robin Hambleton, Emeritus Professor of City Leadership at […]
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#2 Proximity

What Covid-19 says about the concept of proximity EURA Conversations Post #2 – 18 May 2020 by Ignazio Vinci, University of Palermo As I write these […]

#3 Experimentation

Filipe Teles suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic can serve as a catalyst, encouraging cities and local authorities to fast-track urban transformation. [...]

#4 Cycling

The corona pandemic has a wide range of effects on our cities and many observers speak of cities in crisis. Some of the effects are short term and immediate (closure of shops, bars, schools, museums, collapse of parts of the economy etc.), some will be long term.[...]
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#5 Peoples’ responses

In the first EURA Conversation, highlighted the importance of good local leadership for handling the corona pandemic. However, the success of local and national policies to fight back the pandemic depends first and foremost on peoples’ responses to policies restricting their everyday life – every day. That is, it depends on peoples’ trust to or fear of their authorities- and the virus. [...]
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#6 Healthy public spaces

The 2020 public health emergency has interested the whole word and, although in different manner and measure, changed habits and use by people of places and cities. In many countries public spaces became completely empty and new urban landscapes have substituted for the previous one, transforming the private into public. [..]
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#7 Community Response

Community Response EURA Conversations Post #7 – 13 Jul 2020 by Paula Russell, School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin In the movies […]
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#8 Urban regeneration

Urban regeneration EURA Conversations Post #8 – 20 Jul 2020 by Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Along the last months, we have been […]
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#9 Social crisis

To what extent can local governments tackle the social crisis? EURA Conversations Post #9 – 27 Jul 2020 by Iván Tosics, Metropolitan Research Institute, Hungary In […]
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#10 Opportunity

Not just bad? EURA Conversations Post #10 – 5 Oct 2020 by Jacob Norvig Larsen, Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University Evidently, the Covid-19 crisis […]
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#11 Empowering place

Why place should be central to the development of any successful post COVID-19 strategy? EURA Conversations Post #11 – 19 Oct 2020 by Robin Hambleton, University […]

#12 Urban uncertainty

Can urban design be “Covid-safe”? EURA Conversations Post #12 – 2 Nov 2020 by Inigo Lorente Riverola, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid More than a century […]