13th INU Study Day – Call for Papers

13th INU Study Day – Call for Papers

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Beyond the future: emergencies, risks, challenges, transitions, and opportunities

13th INU International Study Day

Call for Papers

An event from the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU)

Date of the online Event: 16 December 2022

Official languages: Italian and English

The Covid-19 emergency, albeit in different ways and measures, is changing habits and use of places and cities globally. In many cities, public spaces have become completely empty for months and new urban landscapes have replaced the old ones, transforming the private into the public. Their reopening took place after months of closure, allowing again "live" social interactions, while respecting the physical distance, confirming the importance for all the people of these places.

At the same time, in contemporary territories it is increasingly happening that different types of crises occur simultaneously, making the resolution of difficult urban conditions complex as the different risks overlap, involving social, economic, environmental, health and liveability issues.

Furthermore, every place is different and has its own peculiarities, thus requiring different times and methods to deal with crises, just as the risks are also different from each other, requiring a different resilience. To achieve sustainable adaptation and regeneration of places affected by multiple risks, in accordance with the principles of the New Urban Agenda of Quito 2016 and the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda, it is important to address and communicate these issues from many and integrated points of view.

If on the one hand, therefore, the challenges that are emerging in this scenario require more integrated and flexible interventions, on the other hand it is necessary to identify the different interrelations between the disciplines in this transition phase in order to be able to propose, beyond the future, new and more adequate forms and tools for the territorial project.

The INU Study Day intends to tackle these issues by capturing not only emergencies, risks, challenges, transitions, but also, in perspective – beyond the future in fact –, opportunities. To discuss these issues, the Study Day organizes parallel sessions, special sessions, round tables, a poster exhibition and a plenary session with international keynote speakers and a final round table with INU experts.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 7 August 2022
Final paper submission: 10 October 2022
Power point/posters submission: 14 November 2022
All accepted papers will be published on “Urbanistica Informazioni” online journal (with ISSN).
Hosted by: Department of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II.
Local coordinator: Marichela Sepe (Member of the EURA Governing Board)
Find all details on the event and the call in 13th International INU Study Day Website
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