EURA Conversations Booklet #1 2020-2022

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EURA Conversations Booklet #1
May 2022 - May 2022

Edited by Robin Hambleton, Alistair Jones, Le Anh Long and Ignazio Vinci

Booklet #1: Conversations on Covid-19

As part of the revitalization of the EURA website, the EURA Conversations series was then launched in May 2020, and promoted as a democratic space to share experiences, offer reflections and open up conversations on various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Later on, in the context of a wider communication strategy for the Association, in June 2021 Le Anh Long and Alistair Jones joined Robin and Ignazio as editors of the series.
The members of the EURA Governing Board had a very important role in the first steps of the project, providing frequent contributions to the series.

Since May 2020, 45 contributions from scholars of different disciplines were published on the EURA website. They offer very original insights from 19 different countries, and cover a wide range of topics that reflect the richness of the enlarged EURA community.
This booklet, for the first time, collects these contributions in a printed and pdf version, with the aim to celebrate an important milestone for the Association.

After the summer break, we will publishing new entries to the EURA Conversations series, with contributions from colleagues around the world which offer reflections and open up conversations around cities.
We invite you to stay tuned and consider sharing a post offering your insights!

EURA Conversations Booklet #1 Cover

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