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New EURA Institutional Members

Welcome new institutional members! We are glad to announce the two most recent members of our community: the Anton Melik Geographical Institute of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and METREX, The Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas. Learn more about the work they have been developing...
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AAPA 2022 Annual Conference – results

The AAPA 2022 Annual Conference was held last December in Shangai, China. The topic of the conference was «New Governance Challenges towards Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the World». We would like to congratulate Prof. Jiannan Wu that was re-elected as president of AAPA during the conference and wish him every success.

EURA Working Group on Urban Regeneration – Call for membership

New EURA Working Group on Urban Regeneration is looking for members! The WG wished to give place to an academic debate aimed to focus the discussion on crucial issues with regard urban regeneration. For this purpose, we will adopt an approach that sees urban regeneration as a policy field with a great potential to address local and global challenges. Please sent an expression of interest to Karsten Zimmermann ( or Sonia de Gregorio Hurtado ( by the 31st of March 2023.

EURA Membership Campaign 2024

EURA 2024 Membership Campaign is now open! The EURA President and Governing Board would like to encourage you to renew your membership. For those new, we invite you to join us! The membership year runs from January, 1 2024 to December, 31 2024. For more information visit our website or contact the secretariat [...]

EURA 2025 – Call for a host

The EURA President and Board invites expressions of Interest from Universities, Research Centres and Research Institutes who would be interested in organising and hosting the EURA annual conference in 2025. A formal proposal for the year 2025 should be submitted by 1st March 2024 to the secretariat. [...]

EURA Working Group on Recentralisation – Call for membership

New EURA Working Group on “Recentralisation in countries experiencing an ‘illiberal turn’” is looking for members! The proposed EURA working group should focused on recentralization in these countries experiencing an ‘illiberal turn’. We see recentralization in these countries as an element in a struggle over power, and examine conflictual situations – those that challenge the core of democratic systems. Please sent an expression of interest to Hubert Heinelt by the 31st of March 2024. [...]