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#11 Empowering place

Why place should be central to the development of any successful post COVID-19 strategy? EURA Conversations Post #11 – 19 Oct 2020 by Robin Hambleton, University […]
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#30 Beyond the post-Covid narrative

Beyond the post-Covid narrative: What’s next? EURA Conversations Post #30 – 06 October 2021 by Ignazio Vinci, University of Palermo In May 2020 we started EURA […]

#32 Teaching after Covid: were any lessons learned?

Teaching after Covid EURA Conversations Post #32 – 1 November 2021 by Alistair Jones, Department of Politics, People and Place, De Montfort University, UK In EURA Conversation 17 […]
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#44 Successful public protest

The COVID-19 lockdowns reminded us of the important contribution that public space makes to the quality of life in cities. Several contributors to this series – for example, Isabelle Bray and Dannielle Sinnett – explain how public space improves our health and wellbeing [...]

#45 Tirana Next City

Tirana is the Capital City of Albania (around 800,000 inhabitants in 2020) and it is considered the youngest European Capital, coming out from the former Socialist block only after 1992. Right after the fall of the strict Hoxha regime, the city has started experiencing a double path of its urban transition [...]