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#33 The voices of young people on climate change

I initially intended to write a blogpost about cooperation within and between cities. Alas, my plan to share insights from the resiliency of cross border cooperation during the pandemic will just have to wait because I have another pressing issue on my mind. As I write, government and industry leaders, scientists and activists are convening in Glasgo...
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#42 Hope in cities

Thursday, February 24, 2022, I lay in bed unable to sleep. Two days before, Russia announced that it would recognize the independence of two pro-Russian Ukrainian territories and this morning, the invasion of Ukraine began. I was at a loss. Speaking to others – friends, relatives, students, and colleagues – it was clear that I was not alone. Fear, sadness, uncertainty, frustration, anger… the emotions roiling inside of us were legion. This was not new: It brought me b...

#55 Cities and artificial intelligence

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that produces content based on patterns it observes in large datasets. Although AI has been in use extensively in many settings (e.g. in scientific work and in the classroom), excitement and concern around AI seemed to reach a crescendo at the beginning of 2023. For instance, teachers began sharing reflections on the implications these language models ...