New EURA Institutional Members

Welcome new institutional members! We are glad to announce the two most recent members of our community: the Anton Melik Geographical Institute of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and METREX, The Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas. Learn more about the work they have been developing...

METREX Autumn Conference 2023

The 2023 Autumn Conference of METREX – the network of European metropolitan regions and areas – will take place in the Portuguese city of Braga. The METREX Conference brings together its membership of public sector authorities, as well as partners from academic and European institutions.

METREX Manifesto for Metropolitan Partnerships

Rethinking Europe’s institutional framework is essential if we are to accelerate to more resilient, greener, just and better-connected communities. It’s time to grow Metropolitan Partnerships in Europe. What are Metropolitan Partnerships and why do they matter for Europe? Click to read the newly launched METREX Manifesto for Metropolitan Partnerships!