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Call for Applicants

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IFHP Summer School 2022 – Call for applications

This is a call for applications to the 26th IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School – Rethinking Urban Change. The course will be held 15–26 August 2022 in Helsinki and Hämeenlinna, Finland. We welcome applications from students completing their bachelor’s, master’s and post-graduate studies as well as from young professionals in all disciplines related to spatial planning. [...]

IFHP Summer School 2023 – Call for applications

The IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School is based on an intensive workshop that includes hands-on collaboration with diverse actors, such as professional designers and planners, stakeholders, and activists. This year, the workshop is organized in Pori, a coastal city in southwestern Finland.

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars – Call for Applications 2024/26

The 2024 International Conference on Urban Affairs is sponsored by the Urban Affairs Association in collaboration with the European Network for Housing Regeneration and the European Urban Research Association. The call [...]

EURA 2025 – Call for a host

The EURA President and Board invites expressions of Interest from Universities, Research Centres and Research Institutes who would be interested in organising and hosting the EURA annual conference in 2025. A formal proposal for the year 2025 should be submitted by 1st March 2024 to the secretariat. [...]

EURA Working Group on Recentralisation – Call for membership

New EURA Working Group on “Recentralisation in countries experiencing an ‘illiberal turn’” is looking for members! The proposed EURA working group should focused on recentralization in these countries experiencing an ‘illiberal turn’. We see recentralization in these countries as an element in a struggle over power, and examine conflictual situations – those that challenge the core of democratic systems. Please sent an expression of interest to Hubert Heinelt by the 31st of March 2024. [...]